A learner driver being pursued by police allegedly rammed into three patrol cars.

It was the second police pursuit in Northland in the space of three days.

Sergeant Shane Turner said the 16-year-old was driving on Whau Valley Rd, about 1.10am yesterday, when an officer signalled for the driver to stop as part of a routine police check.

The driver, who had his girlfriend in the passenger seat, allegedly failed to stop and as a result was pursued by police through Whangarei.


Mr Turner said the driver was doing all he could to avoid police.

"He drove into three police cars, reversing into one," he said.

Mr Turner said he was not sure what speeds were reached by the driver, however he believed they were not "too excessive". He said police put out road spikes.

"He was spiked and if you're driving at speed and get spiked you don't stop straight away, but once you lose speed that's it. He kept skidding out and was boxed in by police cars."

The pursuit lasted about 15 minutes and the driver was stopped in the Kamo area.

Mr Turner said the youth was on his learner licence and recorded a breath alcohol level of 214mcg.

The teenager was charged with failing to stop, operating a vehicle recklessly, resisting police and drink-driving.

He is due to appear in court on Wednesday.

Last Friday, a car crashed off State Highway 1, Towai, during a pursuit.

The Honda CRV, stolen from Whangarei, was spotted by police near Kauri about 1.15pm when an officer signalled for the driver to stop. The 23-year-old allegedly continued north, reaching speeds of 160km/h. The pursuit ended after the car clipped another vehicle and crashed in a ditch.

Last week, a Whangarei judge jailed Levi Rapana for 11 months on charges of unlawfully getting into a motor vehicle, drink-driving, driving while disqualified, dangerous driving, failing to stop and resisting police in an incident on January 9.