Police are investigating an "incident" at a North Shore primary school involving a young pupil.

Details of the incident have not been released, but police confirmed that it occurred last Wednesday.

It is understood the incident happened at Browns Bay Primary School.

"Police can confirm that an investigation is underway into an incident that occurred at a North Shore Primary School," said spokeswoman Beth Bates.


"Police are working closely with the school involved and enquiries are ongoing."

The Ministry of Education were supporting the school.

"We have been supporting Browns Bay School following an alleged incident on April 6 involving a student," said spokeswoman Katrina Casey.

"Our response teams support schools following incidents that can potentially disrupt school life. They help restore day-to-day routines and we will continue to offer support to Browns Bay School as long as is necessary."

She told the Herald that police were investigating the alleged incident to establish what happened.

"They are leading the investigation and we are not able to comment any further while their investigation continues."