A German tourist who found a camera belonging to a New Zealander in Iceland is keen to return it to its owner, four years after it was last used.

Dorle Queisner was in Iceland's capital Reykjavik, travelling by herself in June last year, when she found a camera at the Skaftafell glacier.

The Hanover resident said the camera wasn't working however the memory card was still in-tact with about 50 video diaries, the last being filmed in May 2012.

"I was afraid the last video was him falling and could have an accident on the glacier on it [video].


"But you can see he attached the camera on the backpack and attached it to a backpack," she said.

The hotel nearby confirmed a Kiwi man named James Wiig stayed at the hotel.

However he had only provided an email address, which Ms Queisner tried to contact a number of times, but didn't get a reply.

She said the videos on the memory card consisted of the man in a number of different tourist spots throughout Iceland.

"I believe that it would be very nice to get the video diary back to him," she said.