In emergency situations, Aucklanders want WiFi internet restored before water, a survey revealed.

Auckland Council Civil Defence and Emergency Management (CDEM) found 48 per cent of people prioritised WiFi as an essential part of everyday life.

Head of emergency management and operations Aaron Davis said the statistics came as a surprise.

"It did come as a bit of a surprise that half of people would rather have their WiFi back on than water.


"Once you reflect on it though it's easy to understand people really value connectivity with family and friends," Mr Davis said.

Mr Davis said there were many things people took for granted that could be compromised in an emergency situation.

"We need to know what matters to Aucklanders so we can best shape our response to their needs."

Auckland Council is urging people to have their say for the draft Civil Defence and Emergency Management plan.

Residents can comment on the draft CDEM plan through its website, via Facebook, or via Twitter or by tagging @aklcdem.

"Comment at before April 18 and let us know what you think of the plan," civil defence and emergency management committee Sharon Stewart said.

"Your response will help shape Auckland's level of resilience in the future."