The driver of a late-model Range Rover left their vehicle in an unusual parking spot overnight - the Manukau Harbour.

The white Range Rover Evoque - worth $90,000 - got stuck in the sand about 200m off Blockhouse Bay yesterday afternoon - and remained stuck overnight, before being towed out this afternoon.

It is understood the car was owned by an international student.

Today, the white SUV with black mud coating its tyres and a visible water line on its side, was towed up a boat ramp at the bottom of Lewis St in Blockhouse Bay.


A man at the scene said he had gone for a walk on the beach this morning and saw a group standing around the car.

He was concerned because the tide was coming in so ran to the vehicle to try and help the group - but they were unable to get the car out of the water. "It was hopeless," he said.

Yesterday Twitter user Haututu Fulla wrote: "At Blockhouse Bay, someone drove on to the bay and got stuck. The tide's come in and it's a 100 grand+ car getting flooded. Haha."

And Chris Dugan shared a photo of the car almost fully submerged at high tide yesterday, writing: "Had a bad weekend, can't be worse than these guys watching their 200k Range Rover bobbing in the Manukau."

Blockhouse Bay locals told the Herald that people got stuck in the mud in the harbour at least once a year.

"I have seen cars out there before," a Lewis St resident said.

"They get bogged down - people don't realise how deep and muddy it is down there."