A post to an Auckland University Facebook page saying "if you see a pack of young Maori/Polynesian males, be prepared to sprint" has sparked criticism for racial profiling.

The post, made on Overheard @ University of Auckland, said: "Asian students are currently being attacked by criminals. Even women are getting violently [beaten] up!

"Cross the street if you see a pack of young Maori/Polynesian males, be prepared to sprint."

The post acknowledged it was "not politically correct to profile" in Western culture but said "better safe than sorry".


"Political correctness is not worth brain damage or dying for."

Six Asian students have been left bloodied, battered and terrified after assaults in Auckland in the past two weeks.

Several members of the Overheard @ University of Auckland Facebook group have expressed their disgust at the post.

"Racial profiling ... is ridiculous," one said.

"I get that you're angry ... The argument that real people are being hurt versus intangible feelings is stupid.

"It's not about the feelings, it's about the message you send when you make sweeping generalisations about an entire people out of ignorance and anger, that alienating them is alright when you can work together instead to protect each other."

Another member believed the racism had got out of hand. "Be it sarcasm or not. Just stop."

Another member said: "It's just stupid, it's not helping anyone and it's not solving any problems."

The post also triggered satire, including a post about pigeons plaguing the university.

"Stay alert if you see a kit of pigeons around [university]; be prepared to hide your food, hide your kids, hide your wives, hide your husbands, cause they eatin' everything out there," the post said.

"In Western culture it's not politically correct to profile, but it really is better to be safe than sorry."

The original Facebook post appears to have been removed.