Emergency services are at the scene of a multiple car crash in Milford on Auckland's North Shore.

Police and ambulance services were called to Milford Rd, near Kitchener Rd, shortly after 10am.

A member of the public who contacted the Herald said a woman driving a BMW had lost control of her vehicle and hit several cars -- including his.

A St John spokeswoman confirmed they were at the scene, but could not say if anyone was being treated by them or if anyone would be taken to hospital.


Witness Edward Rooney was standing next to his car - one of several vehicles lined along the road - waiting for his wife and son to finish today's Shore to Shore fun run.

"It was lucky nobody was killed as there were a lot of people - families and kids around.

"The woman came out the corner. She was on the wrong side of the road, then cut back across and then ploughed into about six parked cars."

The woman continued driving for about 30m to 40m down the road, before ending up in some bushes near the Milford shopping centre, he said.

Most of the cars hit had scrapes and dents, except for the last car in the line, which was significantly damaged.

Mr Rooney, who had his 9-month-old son in his car, said: "I just dived into the car and got him out, he was my priority. He's okay."

Mr Rooney said the driver, an older woman, was checked by paramedics.

However, it did not appear she had suffered any serious injuries and had earlier been talking to members of the public who approached her immediately after crashing into bushes.