A man is still on the run following an assault on a young woman in her Hamilton home last Sunday.

Police are still hunting for the intruder who hit the 23-year-old on her head when she found him on the third floor of her Edgecumbe St home.

As she tried to run away from him, she was assaulted again.

A full interview on Friday with the woman who was recovering from hand surgery at Waikato Hospital has not brought police any closer to identifying the offender.


Detective senior sergeant Terri Wilson said the victim had been unable to provide any specific details about the offender's physical traits.

"We were hoping to reconstruct more from the victim's statement, but there wasn't enough detail given to further that ... Unfortunately we are at no further stage in terms of identifying those responsible."

The only known information about the man was he was wearing a black balaclava and a black hooded sweatshirt with a white skull-head pattern on the back. A long metal pole or bar with a hook on the end of it was used to hit the woman over her head.

Police will now revisit witnesses to check the details they have. Mr Wilson could not confirm whether the offender was known to the woman and it is still unclear whether one or two people were involved in the assault.