One of Australia's most notorious reality TV stars is angling to make her screen debut here.

Zilda Williams rocketed to fame after appearing in last season's The Bachelor Australia. She has since become a tabloid favourite and her love life and skimpy outfits have become something of a national obsession across the Tasman.

The Kiwi-born 32-year-old lost out on love in the reality TV show but has admitted she is keen to return to the screen.

She has revealed she failed to land a place on The Bachelor NZ, which began screening on TV3 last week.


But she has hinted she would be keen on a spot on Survivor New Zealand, which is casting talent before it screens on TV2.

"I would give Survivor New Zealand a try," she told Daily Mail Australia.

"I love New Zealand reality television, but I'm wanting to try my luck at acting and presenting so that's what I'm putting my energy into right now."

She added she has some "really exciting things in the pipeline".

Williams found fame as a Gold Coast promo girl and glamour model before moving into reality TV.

Survivor, which pits contestants against each other on remote islands in a dog-eat-dog environment, has aired for 32 seasons in America.

The first New Zealand version of the show is looking for contestants.