The nurse who threw a dildo at Cabinet Minister Steven Joyce has struck again.

Josie Butler brought a similar squeaky sex toy along to the Government's Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) roadshow in Christchurch yesterday.

She tried to present it to chief TPP negotiator David Walker but was stopped by security staff.

"David Walker, I am here today on behalf of the vast majority of New Zealanders to present you with the New Zealand Dick of the Year Award," she said.


Meeting moderator Sean Plunket told her: "No, you're not."

A security guard took the microphone away from Ms Butler. He and two other security staff members then escorted her out of the meeting at the Rydges Hotel.

Outside, Ms Butler used a water pistol to squirt an official attending the road show. She was led away by police.

Ms Butler posted a video on Facebook after the incident saying she had been "kicked out" of the meeting.

She said a Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade official then tried to talk to her about the TPP. He pleaded not to be squirted with the water pistol.

"He spun me some absolute bulls*** so I said to him, 'Mate, that's not good enough' and squirted him, a lot, in the face."

She said police were "heavy-handed" but she was not charged.

Before the incident, she posted a video of herself and the sex toy, which had plastic eyes attached to it.

"Wish us luck," she said, grinning.

Ms Butler made headlines around the world last month after she threw a sex toy at Mr Joyce on Waitangi Day in protest against the Government signing the TPP.

Comedian John Oliver has teamed up with moviemaker Sir Peter Jackson for an inevitable satirical swipe at the dildo-throwing incident involving government minister Steven Joyce.

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She yelled "that's for raping our sovereignty" before hurling the fake pink penis at Mr Joyce, hitting him in the face.

The incident was sent up by US comedian John Oliver, whose show featured people dressed in flying dildo costumes set to a Hallelujah chorus.

Ms Butler, who works at Hillmorton Hospital in Christchurch, was not charged over the earlier incident.

Canterbury District Health Board would not comment last month on whether she would face disciplinary action.

In a post to Newstalk ZB's Canterbury Mornings with Chris Lynch's Facebook page, Butler wrote she had hoped "to present the award light-heartedly".

The Christchurch nurse claimed: "The people running the roadshow had for the past hour repeatedly shut down any questions or comments that moved away from their propaganda.

"She had sought answers "regarding the cost of extensions of patents on biologics from five years to eight years, the implication on ISDS on health promotion, and the increased cost of medications. All of these questions were either avoided or shut down."