The Thai woman who died after jumping out of the boot of a car, while bound and gagged, had allegedly been caught with drugs twice in the space of a month.

Court charge sheets released by Judge Christopher Field at Auckland District Court show Jindarat Prutsiriporn first appeared in court on December 8 charged with possessing methamphetamine and a glass pipe with which to smoke it.

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She was remanded on bail to a Manurewa address on the condition she did not possess or consume drugs.


However, Prutsiriporn - whose occupation was listed as "waiter" - was nabbed by police again on January 6 and charged with possessing cannabis and again possessing a meth pipe.

She was bailed again, this time to a Waterview address and ordered to stay away from drugs.

The last time Prutsiriporn appeared before Auckland District Court was on February 12.

Her lawyer, Maria Pecotic, told Judge Nevin Dawson no evidential disclosure had been provided by police and the matter was put off until April 1.

But the 50-year-old died from her injuries in hospital last week after escaping from the boot of a moving car in Papatoetoe exactly a month before that scheduled court appearance.

Judge Field refused to release other documents associated with the case.

The Herald previously revealed Prutsiriporn had been locked up for two and a half years in 2011 after pleading guilty to conspiring to import the methamphetamine precursor pseudoephedrine as well as other drug offences.

The charges stemmed from a search of a Hawkes Bay property in November 2009 that uncovered more than 70g of methamphetamine and quantities of cannabis.


As a result of the find, Hastings beneficiary George Wakely, who was 54 at the time, was also sentenced to five years nine months in prison on multiple charges of importing pseudoephedrine and others of possessing methamphetamine and cannabis for supply.

His Thai-born wife Juthamat Wakely, then 45-years-old, was sentenced to 8 months' home detention on related charges.

A friend of Prutsiriporn told the Herald this week that she had died a poor and lonely woman.

"She owed people a lot of money, and for a while her family did not want anything to do with her," said the friend of more than 10 years, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

"Her family is in the Thai restaurant business and know she had a big problem with drugs, but they just didn't know how to help her."

Dec 2 - Prutsiriporn was allegedly caught by police with methamphetamine and a glass pipe, which could have seen her serve a year in jail if found guilty

Dec 8 - She appeared in Auckland District Court, was remanded on bail to a Manurewa address and ordered not to possess or consume illegal drugs

Jan 6 - The 50-year-old was arrested again and charged with possessing a cannabis plant and another meth pipe. She was re-bailed, this time to a Waterview address

Feb 12 - Prutsiriporn appeared in court but police had not provided evidential disclosure to her lawyer, so the matter was adjourned until April 1

March 1 - She is found on a Papatoetoe road, bound and gagged, after forcing open the boot of a moving car and jumping out

March 2 - Police confirm Prutsiriporn died from her injuries and reveal her alleged kidnap may have had links to organised crime