A farm fence panel sliced through the driver's side door of a car during a crash which killed a young driver.

A man in his 20s died after the car he was driving crashed into a fence on Mullins Rd in Papakura, Auckland, just before 10pm yesterday.

Counties Manukau District Shift Commander Ollie Nation said at the scene last night that it looked like speed and the condition of the road were factors in the crash.

"The road appears to have been recently sealed, so it's got loose chip on it at the moment and it appears as though the vehicle lost control and has gone through a farm fence.


"During this roadwork period, the temporary speed limit is 30km/h. At this stage, I've got no idea how fast he was going but maybe a little too fast for the gravel that's on the road at the moment."

He said it was "another needless tragedy on our roads".

"Unfortunately tonight it looks as though someone has lost their life needlessly on our roads. It's very early days at the moment, and our Serious Crash Unit are on the scene looking into what's happened.

"The message to drivers going through roadworks would be that the speed limits that are posted are there for a reason. Driving on loose gravel like this - you really need to reduce your speed."

An image of the white car showed it had come to a stop several metres from the fence, and what appeared to be a piece of farm fence protruding out of the driver-side door.

A police spokesman was unable to confirm any further details this morning.