How burgled is your suburb?

A new interactive map created by the Herald Insights team of data journalists shows burglary numbers in unprecedented detail.

Readers can explore the map to see how their area compares.

The map was created using previously unreleased data and shows every reported burglary in the 18 months to December 31, 2015.


The data goes down to the "meshblock" level, the smallest area for which government aggregates data. In cities, a meshblock can be as small as a single block.

The map - which goes live at 5am tomorrow - is part of a major Herald series on burglaries.

Tomorrow we visit the most burgled residential area in New Zealand.

On Tuesday we explain what areas burglars prefer.

On Wednesday we go behind the scenes with police as they investigate a break-in.

On Thursday we meet a reformed burglar.

On Friday we provide solutions for your home.

All week we'll be meeting victims and revealing the impact of these crimes. We'll be covering the issues in print, online, on mobile and on partner radio station Newstalk ZB.

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