Dressed in a flowing white cape-inspired blouse, a retro pencil-cut skirt and black net fascinator, Belinda Green is ready to take on the runway at this year's BMW Derby Day Fashions in the Field event.

A passionate follower of the racing fashion circuit, Mrs Green has travelled up and down the country to track events, scooping up a number of prizes, including the Supreme Winner Award at the Waikato Cup in Hamilton last December.

If she takes the top prize at today's event she'd also be taking home a package valued at more than $30,000, including a three-month lease of a BMW, beauty products, shopping vouchers, a five-night stay at the Hilton Lake Taupo and four return economy tickets from Auckland to Honolulu.

The Pukekohe-based office manager said her first time on the runway wasn't an instant winner. She was so terrified that she held her breath.


But Mrs Green didn't let her first experience deter her and kept returning to the track.

"A smile is the best accessory," she said.

Mrs Green said as a country girl growing up, fashion wasn't always her thing, but she's grown to love the creativity of putting an outfit together and the camaraderie with other fashionistas on the day.

"I do a lot of visual inspiration, looking at photos online, I get an idea of what I like, what I want to create, I make sure I have the materials on hand and I make my fingers do the working."

For every event she put in at least 11 hours of preparation time, including eight hours making her own hat, three hours to get dressed and ready to go on the day and hours of research into the final look.

She said today's black and white outfit was "retro-inspired".

"I feel very pretty and feminine in this outfit."

Mrs Green hoped her skill would be the key to getting her into a fulltime job as a hat-maker.

"I like to create for others."

She advised others wanting to try their hand at the racing fashion circuit to just give it a go.

"You'll have a good time, guaranteed."