From the frustration of getting nowhere in a traffic jam, to cramming yourself into a stuffy train, commuting makes many people question their work-life balance.

Now there's a calculator that lets you work out just how much of your time - and your hard-earned cash - you spend travelling to work each day.

People ranked as having "terrible" commutes spend enough money on tickets over a lifetime to buy themselves a palatial house in Bali and waste more two years of their lives cooped up in a car of train carriage, for example.



It has been designed by Ford and to use the tool users must first select how they travel to work, by dragging an icon into a box to show their various travel options. These include walking, cycling, taking a bus or using the subway.

The next screen asks how long their total commute takes, in minutes per day.

They must then use buttons to fill in how much their journey costs.

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The next page asks them for their age, how old they were when they started working and the 'realistic' age they expect to retire.

The results page shows whether their commute is good, terrible or somewhere in between.

For example, a good commute may comprise of a five minute cycle ride to work, costing nothing, while a "terrible" trip may include multiple types of public transport.

The calculator shows that someone spending more than $120 a week and has been working since the age of 20, with aspirations of retiring at 70, will spend almost $300,000 travelling to work over a lifetime.
That equates to almost two years of their life - enough time to watch almost 10,000 films.

- Daily Mail