Voting papers for the flag referendum are being sent out tomorrow. The Herald went to Flagstaff Lane, in Wellington, to get an idea of how people intend to vote.

Shelagh Noble

Which flag?

Voting for alternative flag.

Why? Because I think we should be different to Australia and at the moment they are easily confused. I am half Australian and half Kiwi and I like the new flag. I would have preferred Red Peak, but in the absence of that being an option I'll vote for the new one.

Is the referendum worthwhile? It's a lot of money but as long as it's got an outcome of change it would be worth it.


Dan Bramwell

Which flag?


Why? It's a waste of resources, $27 million spending on the referendum when we are still living in poverty. We could be spending it on something else.

Is the referendum worthwhile? I don't believe so. There are other things we could be spending the money on. We have a high statistic of children in poverty at the moment and the flag is just a waste of time in my thoughts.

Rory Samson

Which flag?

Still undecided, liked Red Peak.

Why? I think [Red Peak] was the most flag-like design and the others look a bit cheap.

Is the referendum worthwhile? I think if we could go back and stop the process from happening to save money, or perhaps just spend a little less money to hire some designers to make those decisions on our behalf, I think that would've been a better way to go about it.

Lee Robinson

Which flag?

I've been mulling it over and I've only just decided I'll vote for the new one.

Why? I kind of think a change would be good and even if it's not exactly what I like, I think it's better than the old one.

Is the referendum worthwhile? No. I'd rather we hadn't. I think there are better things we could have been doing with the money and effort.

Alex Fraser

Which flag?

I like the blue and black one. I reckon they should change it.

Why? I just reckon it's cooler. This [current flag] is so similar to Australia. I feel like this [alternative flag] is more New Zealand.

Is the referendum worthwhile? Yep, I reckon. I just think a new identity, make New Zealand more known around the world and stuff. We just get bunched in with Australia.

Nico Clere

Which flag?

The new one.

Why? Because I think it's time for a change ... we are not as English anymore, I guess.

Is the referendum worthwhile? Yes, I think it is. It lets people know about public opinion, but then a lot of people don't vote anyway. Only people that are concerned vote.