Massey High School students' pleas for a summer uniform have gone unanswered - for now.

The school has come under fire after a student this week launched a petition asking for a summer uniform option, and 1500 students, parents and others pledged their support.

The decile 4 West Auckland school introduced a new uniform this year. It requires many students now, and eventually all students, to wear trousers or long skirts and ties and blazers year round.

Massey High School student revolt over new uniform
Massey High School uniform revolt gains momentum
Massey High School looks at short sleeves after uniform complaints


But some students complained they were too hot in Auckland's hot and humid summer, and their parents agreed.

The school's board of trustees met last night, and the uniform was on the agenda.

Neither board chairman John Garelja nor principal Glen Denham would be interviewed this morning. Instead, the school released a statement.

"Massey High School board of trustees has decided that its new school uniform and the rules around when it is to be worn will stay as they have been communicated to students, staff and parents."

The Herald understands those rules are that blazers must be worn as students enter and exit the school gates, and as they walk between classes.

The interest in the school had been welcome, Mr Garelja said.

"The board has taken into account both the huge amount of support and also the suggestions for changes. When we decided on the new uniform we looked into alternate materials for summer.

"For cost reasons we chose not to have both a summer and winter uniform and believed both the fabrics chosen and the flexibility around wearing the uniform was enough.

"The board has undertaken to have another look at alternative materials for next summer. Right now it is time to get on with the real business of the school - providing an excellent education for our students in a supportive and caring environment."