Gisborne grandfather John Morrell jokes he is going to have to rotate birthday present giving for wife Chris Morrell, daughter Sara, and now newborn Willow Wilson, through three-year cycles.

Chris, Sara and Willow share the same birthday ... February 21, defying estimated odds of over 133,000 to one.

Willow completed the triumvirate when she arrived at Gisborne Hospital on Sunday.

Chris, who works in the hospital's maternity ward and was at the birth, was, not surprisingly, emotional but also chuffed at the birthday repeat.


"Willow is beautiful," she said of her third grandchild.

Such a generational coincidence is rare but there are several accounts of it happening in other parts of the world.

A British betting agency reported the odds of a baby girl being born on the same day as her mother and grandmother at more than 133,000 to one.

Mr Morrell is a betting man and said he wished he had put $5 on it.

- Gisborne Herald