The French tourists snapped while urinating out of the windows of a moving car are leaving the country today with their tails between their legs.

On Monday, Florian Birolleau and a friend were photographed peeing out of their rental vehicle as it travelled along a Southland highway.

The men, part of a group of five visitors, said they did not stop for a toilet break because they were running late on a trip to Milford Sound.

On Friday afternoon, the group, aged in their early 20s, returned the vehicle to NZ Rent a Car in Christchurch and were met by the police and the media.


Officers gave Birolleau and another man pre-charge warnings for offensive behaviour.
All five tourists received pre-charge warnings for allegedly stealing items, including pillows, from their Milford Sound accommodation.

And as well as copping a $250 car-cleaning penalty, the tourists were blacklisted by the rental car company.

Some of the group study in Wollongong, New South Wales.

The two said it was the first time they had urinated out of a car window.
When contacted by the Herald today for comment, one of the group indicated the group were about to fly to Sydney.

"We are leaving today!" he said.