Police are calling for sightings of a rare, older-style motor vehicle on Ohaupo Rd after the teen, who fought off her kidnappers earlier this month, recognised the car in a magazine.

The Te Awamutu Intermediate school girl escaped by biting the hand of a man who tried to pull her into the car from the passenger seat at the intersection of Ohaupo Rd, Cambridge Rd, Albert Park Dr, and Arawata St in Te Awamutu on February 3. The 14-year-old was walking home from school at about 3.30pm when a car carrying three men pulled up beside her. A man got out and told her to be quiet as he tried to drag her inside.

In a further attempt to find the men, a photo of an older and rare model car has been posted on the Te Awamutu Police Facebook page after the girl involved recognised the car when flicking through a magazine and thought it looked similar to what her attempted kidnappers were driving. She described the car as white and very noisy.

Detective Mark Smith said the car was uncommon and urged members of the public to report any sightings as police had very few leads to follow at this stage.


Mr Smith said following the incident it was advised that children were accompanied home by adults or encouraged to walk in groups, which was safer.

Members of the public can contact Te Awamutu police station on 07 872 0100 or contact Detective Mark Smith at mark.smith@police.govt.nz with information relating to the abduction.