A young fan of the Lamborghini that was yesterday damaged on High St wants the owner to have a photo of him after a chance meeting with the car late last year.

The $600,000 car was hit by a black Mercedes-Benz coming out of a parking building on High St in the Auckland CBD while the owner was in a meeting.

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Alex Faulkner, 9, was given money for Christmas by his grandmother and chose to buy a white, remote-controlled model Lamborghini while shopping at Lynn Mall in West Auckland.


After buying the gift, he walked back to the carpark only to discover a real-life white Lamborghini - the one damaged in the central city yesterday - parked next to his parents' car.

Alex's mother Alison Faulkner said her son was "quite upset about this and would like the owner of the unfortunate Lamborghini to have this photo of his car when he was parked at Lynn Mall before Christmas".