A Christchurch man who raped a woman in his home after meeting her online has been jailed for three years.

Chester Grant Gibson stood silently in the dock at Christchurch District Court this afternoon as he was sentenced on one charge of sexual violation by rape.

The 27-year-old met the woman through an online dating website in 2014, before meeting up with her for the first time in October last year.

Gibson had consumed a bottle of red wine prior to her visit.


The pair then had drinks together, and she took a tramadol tablet to ease some pain she was having at the time.

After deciding to watch a movie together, the woman fell asleep and Gibson removed the bicycle shorts she was wearing.

He admitted his guilt after initially denying the charge.

Gibson told police he had sex with the woman for a short period of time, before deciding what he was doing was wrong.

Judge David Saunders told the man the incident was a bad judgment call with severe consequences.