Police have arrested wanted man Ihaka Paul.

Police said Paul gave himself up to police around 7.15pm tonight at a house in Frasertown near Wairoa.

There were no issues with his arrest and no-one was injured.

He will be facing a number of charges related to both incidents.


Since 6pm he was contained in a house in the small rural settlement of Frasertown near Wairoa.

A search for Paul this afternoon was sparked after he was seen in Wairoa chasing a male down a street with a firearm.

He was pursued to Frasertown, where he was surrounded by police in a local house.

Police had been in contact with Paul and said they would continue communication with him. It was not known if there are other people in the house.

Children from local schools were released earlier this afternoon under the supervision of police.

Police were alerted to a sighting of Paul chasing a male along a road in Wairoa with a firearm earlier today.

He was then involved in a pursuit with police from Wairoa to Frasertown where he pointed a firearm at police.

On January 29, Paul, 26, presented a pistol to family members and made several threats to them at a Hastings house.

Earlier today Paul's family pleaded with his partner to let him see his children before he hands himself in.

Paul's sister Chelsea Paul, 20, said her brother was not volatile and would never hurt his family.

"He just wants to see his kids before he goes to prison, that's all he wants."

She said Paul did not threaten family members on the night he cut off his electronic bracelet.

"He'd never threaten us, we'd kick his head in if he did."

"He just wanted to go see his kids."

They said it was upsetting to see the false portrayal of their brother in the media.

They said it has been a very hard time for the family and that negative online reaction didn't help.

"They don't even know him."

Earlier today the police Armed Offenders Squad searched a house in Pakowhai Rd, Hastings looking for him.

Police did not find Paul at the address.

The family were watching TV when the armed offenders squad entered the Frederick St home today.

"They surrounded the house, screamed at us to get down and then spent about half an hour turning the place upside down. It felt very disrespectful."

Chelsea's two-year-old daughter was in the house at the time.

Paul has two children aged three and five.

"He's a good dad, considering how many out there don't care," Ms Paul said.

She said Paul had not been in a good frame of mind since the death of his father in July 2014.

"He was the last one of us to see him alive."