As Kiwis continue to giggle about the flying dildo thrown at Steven Joyce, media from across the globe can't help but poke fun at the incident.

The Economic Development Minister was speaking to iwi leaders at Waitangi when a woman flung a pink dildo at him yesterday, hitting him right in the nose.

The woman was later identified as Christchurch nurse Josie Butler.

While the incident, quite naturally, gained huge attention in New Zealand, international media also joined in to joke at the incident. The New York Post even placed the story on the front page of its website this morning.


"It slapped against his lips and bounced off a nearby reporter's breasts - before falling limply at their feet," it reported.
The Post described Mr Joyce's reaction: "The minister took it on the chin - before making a quick withdrawal."

British tabloid the Sun joined in on the fun.

"Mr Joyce was ribbed for taking 'one on the chin' for PM John Key who had pulled out of the event amid a row over a controversial trade deal."

The incident also made headlines on the Daily Mail website, which described Mr Joyce as having "copped the sex toy on the chin".

The story was not short of comments from readers, with one user commenting: "This should become the throw weapon of choice against politicians."

Mr Joyce indeed has taken this "on the chin" as he later tweeted: "Well there's always something new in politics."

He even asked comedian John Oliver to make fun of the incident.

"Someone send the gif over to John Oliver so we can get it over with," he tweeted.