A woman has named and shamed a man she met on Tinder by humiliating him through posters distributed around an Auckland suburb.

The poster included the man's name, a photo and his place of work.

A home address for him was included which was actually the address for a cafe.

The Herald has seen on social media a photo of the poster on a lamp post in Grafton, but decided not to reveal the man's identity.


The man is employed at a company in Auckland city.

Police Senior Sergeant Danny Meade said police were made aware of the incident. However, the man had not made a formal complaint.

Mr Meade said in order for a person to be charged for harassment, the act would have to happen over a long period of time.

"It's a bit like stalking. If I follow you every day it would be harassment.

"But this may not be deemed consistent," he said.

"However, because this woman included the man's home address, you would think it was done to upset him."

He said if a complaint was made, police would investigate.