Three men have been accused of running a scam that netted them more than $45,000 in casino chips.

Hirenkumar Amin, 24, Chandra Komati Reddy, 33, and Rajini Kanthreddy Suskandla, 26, appeared in Auckland District Court last week facing multiple counts of theft by a person in a special relationship.

It is understood Reddy worked at SkyCity and was alleged to have been doling out the chips to his associates.

He faces 20 charges, the most among the trio, and is believed to have been dismissed over the accusations.


According to court documents the scam began on Christmas Eve with an unlawful payout of $990 to Suskandla and $1485 to Amin.

Over the next three weeks it is alleged Amin was the main recipient of the stolen chips, on one occasion being handed as much as $7115.

He allegedly ended up receiving $41,325, while charge sheets put Suskandla's gain at $4345.

SkyCity would not comment on the specifics of the case because it was before the court but a spokesman said if any crimes were committed within the casino, offenders would inevitably be caught.

"All transactions are monitored and we have a zero-tolerance policy to fraud and theft," the spokesman said.

The three defendants are on bail and will be back in court next month.