A young woman who was berated by a member of the public for breastfeeding her son in a supermarket says she has been overwhelmed by the support she has received since sharing the experience.

Deijah Cook, 21, claimed she was publicly shamed by a woman for feeding her 3-month-old son, Coby, in a Tauranga supermarket on January 7.

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Ms Cook said she was stopped in an aisle by a woman who told her, "this is something you should be doing in the privacy of your car ... your breasts are for at home, you should be feeding your child at home or in the privacy of your car, not out in public where others can see".


The mother of three said she was shocked by the woman's comments and was left feeling embarrassed "to be doing something natural".

Since speaking to the Herald y about the incident, Ms Cook said she had received more than 200 messages of support from members of the public. "All of my friends were tagging me in their posts and saying they were so proud of me and heaps of people messaged me saying they would have stood up for me. It has been really overwhelming. My partner said to me 'wow you are famous' and asked for a photo with me."

Ms Cook said she did receive one negative comment from a Christchurch man who told her breastfeeding in public was "filthy" and "disgusting", but she is determined not to let it bother her.

"I just kind of blew it off. I have decided just to ignore him," she said.

Ms Cook said she was happy with her decision to speak out about the incident and would continue to breastfeed her baby in public.