A man accused of punching a woman outside an east Auckland bar after she spoke Te Reo, has appeared in court.

Ernest Opai, 43, is accused of assaulting 46-year-old Shona Louise Maiden but her description of an unprovoked attack was not backed by the police.

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The courts yesterday confirmed 46-year-old Maiden had pleaded guilty to assaulting the man, which allegedly led to his retaliation.


She approached media claiming she had five teeth knocked out by a man outside the 123 Casino Karaoke Bar, in Howick after New Year's celebrations there.

Maiden, who is of European and Maori descent, said she said "ka kite ano" (see you later) to people standing outside the pub and was confronted by Opai who asked why a "palagi" would use such words.

The Howick mother of four told the Herald he then punched her several times - knocking out five teeth, cracking her top plate and leaving her unable to eat.

But just days after she went public with her allegations, police said CCTV footage of the incident told a different story.

"The version of events given by the 46-year-old female is not substantiated by this footage . . . a decision has been made to prosecute [her] and a 43-year-old male," a statement said.

A staffer at the bar said it showed Maiden slap and punch the man before he punched her back.

The court confirmed her matter had been called on Monday, when she pleaded guilty to attacking Opai.

A sentencing date in March has been set but Maiden told the Herald yesterday she had not pleaded guilty and the judge believed the stories were "twisted".

She said she was standing by her original version of events and would not comment further.

"I don't want to be in the media anymore. The news has embarrassed my children," she said.

Opai will be back before the court later this month.