Why do cyclists wear dark-coloured clothing when riding on rural highways - in heavy traffic and heavy rain? What's wrong with wearing high vis clothing and then car drivers can see you before it is too late!


Good work from Niki Bezzant in the Herald on Sunday about the myth of detoxing. It's all the hype and rave today and you've saved those wanting to jump on the bandwagon some hard-earned cash.



I was a lone female with a toddler who stopped off during a six-hour road trip to have a bite to eat at The Coffee Club cafe in Bethlehem, Tauranga, on Saturday. The cafe was crowded, and conscious that my toddler might run around and disrupt other diners, I allowed her to play with a few sugar sachets, which I would have thrown out after use. She was only putting them in and out of a glass. Our pleasant morning quickly turned sour when a patron began to abuse me for letting my child play with sugar sachets and "contaminating" everyone at the restaurant, and being an irresponsible and bad parent. The abuse got so bad I had to call the police to intervene. I encourage any woman alone with a child/children to do the same thing.

Bullied Mum

We have a fabulous Herald delivery person in West Harbour. On very wet days our Herald is always dry. Our thoughtful delivery person puts the Herald either under the front door portico or has it wrapped in plastic. And the Herald is always delivered early enough for us to read before trudging off to work. Sadly, because it is such an early delivery, we have never been able to catch the deliverer to say thank you in person, so hope this rave will suffice to express our gratitude for a job well done.

The Richardsons

To the couple who sat in our seats at the movie last Friday and would not move when asked thanks for making the experience uncomfortable. Seats are allocated and by taking seats that are not yours you cause a ripple effect of people not knowing where to sit.


I would like to thank the kind lady who picked me up in Eban Ave last Thursday when my bus sailed past me and took me two blocks to catch the bus at that stop. Thank you for helping me to get to work on time.


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