Louise Symonds, 52 and Jim Souter, 60

At Auckland Viaduct
Are you a local or visiting?

Visiting from Coffs Harbour, NSW.


Who are you here with?

Friends travelling together.

What have you been doing today?

We went to Kelly Tarlton's, we've been up to the rose gardens, been to the museum and back here for a feed.

What do you think of Auckland?

Love it, beautiful.

What's the best local snack/eatery/bar in Auckland you've found?

They're all good. We did discover the Coromandel oysters - beautiful.

What are your plans this summer?

Tomorrow we go to Waiheke and do the wine tour and then we go to Hobbiton. Then Waitomo Caves, then to Rotorua. Then we're doing the Tongariro Crossing, then the jetboat ride up to the the Bridge to Nowhere.