Three people have been arrested after an alleged assault on a young woman in Mt Eden last night, including two 14-year-old girls who police believe were involved in an early morning attack on a woman at Sylvia Park yesterday morning.

At 8.15am yesterday a woman on her way to work at Max, a clothing store in the Sylvia Park shopping centre, was viciously attacked by a group of teenage girls.

The trio approached the victim and assaulted her before stealing her car. Two men were with them but did not participate in the assault.

Vicious attack in mall carpark


At 5.25pm another young woman was assaulted on Landscape Rd, Mt Eden.

"During the incident the victim was allegedly punched in the face and knocked to the ground while attempts were made to steal her handbag," said Auckland police spokeswoman Noreen Hegarty.

"Those believed to have been responsible were located a short time later in Clover Park, South Auckland.

"Police investigating the (Mt Eden) incident allege two of those arrested -both 14 year-old girls - were involved in the earlier attack on a young woman in Sylvia Park."

The girls are facing charges of aggravated robbery and unlawfully taking a motor vehicle in relation to the earlier incident.

Ms Hegarty said investigations into the Landscape Rd incident are ongoing.

Max director Simon West said his focus was on ensuring that "one of our valued team... is well cared for and makes a full recovery".

"We are and will continue to work with various parties to ensure that we get the best result possible on behalf of the victim and ensure our team are as safe as possible in their roles getting to and from work," he said.