An obese Christchurch mum-of-eight who shed more than 30kg before a ruptured achilles tendon ended her dramatic weight loss programme is fundraising for gastric bypass surgery to save her life.

Brenda Warren, 47, has always struggled with food addiction and weight loss.

It leaves her feeling lethargic and tired, with sleep apnoea and constantly sore knees and back.

"It's pretty hard yakka to do basic, normal day-to-day things," said Ms Warren.


After her mother died in 2011, the type-2 diabetes sufferer topped the scales at 204kgs.

But last year, weighing 199.99kgs and after many failed attempts, she decided to slim down for good.

She began a "open, truthful" Facebook page, Ka Pai Me, which documented her ambitious 700-day plan to trim down to 95kgs.

More than 6000 people followed her successfully, gradually shed the kilos through replacement drinks, exercise, including aqua jogging, Zumba, exercise bike, and sports, riding her highs and lows.

Ms Warren had dropped to 165kgs and was inspiring many with her weekly weigh-ins, frank postings and videos.

Brenda Warren has always struggled with food addiction and weight loss. Photo / Supplied
Brenda Warren has always struggled with food addiction and weight loss. Photo / Supplied

"A lot of people appreciated it, especially big people who haven't been able to voice things for themselves."

But as she was approaching the 60kg loss surgeons say she needed to achieve before being considered for a gastric bypass, she ruptured her achilles tendon playing indoor netball.

The whanau ora worker at He Waka Tapu, a Christchurch provider of health and social services for Maori whanau, was off work for 10 weeks.

She has been told it could take 6-12 months to heal.

"I thought I would be fine, but when you've got an addiction, all those bad habits return in a minute," Ms Warren said.

Her "food addiction demons" resorted to carbohydrates and sugar, "all the naughty things I know I should't be having", she says.

It has resulted in her putting all the weight back on.

"My exercise and motivation has dropped off. I get so annoyed with myself," she said.

"I've honestly tried, and still am trying, but I have good days and bad days. It's been a tough battle."

Surgery, she says, would let her finally beat her weight battles.

Now, family members have started up a Givealittle page to help her raise the $25,000 for private surgery, which two of her siblings have already had, and deemed a success.

"Here we are, cap in hand asking for her life ... Not just a cause, her life. Please help us to help her live," the Givealittle page says.

Ms Warren agrees it could save her life.

"I think it's time, it's my turn. I need something to say, "That's enough Brenda, don't eat anymore".