Judith Collins will re-join Cabinet taking up the Police and Corrections portfolios, Prime Minister John Key has confirmed. Ms Collins will be sworn in on 14 December.

Here's a look at Ms Collins' time away from Cabinet, from her August 2014 resignation to today's return:

August 2014: Resigns from Cabinet following email leaks alleging she had undermined the head of the Serious Fraud Office Adam Feeley.

September 2014: Re-elected in Papakura seat with 5000-vote majority. Left off the "Roll of Honourables" while an inquiry into the Feeley case is ongoing.


November 2014: Cleared of wrongdoing by an inquiry into the Feeley case, retains use of "Honourable" title.

April 2015: Using her Sunday Star-Times newspaper column, she slams proposals to allocate water rights to iwi.

May 2015: Collins causes trouble from the backbench, as she is thought to be among several caucus members seeking changes to health and safety reforms. The legislation is delayed as a result.

September 2015: Leads calls for singer Chris Brown to be denied entry to NZ because of his assault convictions, saying he should "bugger off". Brown's visa is later denied and his show cancelled.

October 2015: Defends sponsorship deal with an Auckland car dealership - within the rules for a for an MP but not for a minister.

December 7, 2015: Return to Cabinet.