A famous martial arts star was spotted recently, and a man went to court to plead for his dog after it attacked a teenage girl. These two stories and others are the top stories for NZ@Noon.

This famous movie star was spotted by a Napier man in the central city on Tuesday. What happened?

The owner of a dog which attacked a girl in Matapihi pleaded for his animal's life in Tauranga District Court. This is what happened next.

A judge advised gang members to find a better spot for their brawl than a Kaikohe petrol station next time as he sent them to jail this week.


A 'Monster Slide' operator incident, has been fined for obstructing investigations after a ride went wrong.

Young people are behind this This campaign Marton event in the name of community and Christmas spirit.

Nine new pieces of equipment have been installed at Auckland International Airport for departing passengers in time for summer's peak travel season. Will they cut queues?