A 7-year-old boy excluded from a Wanaka school for throwing a folder at a teacher and student has been placed in a new school.

The child was excluded from Wanaka Primary School on October 28. The boy's mother said earlier incidents at the school included the boy stabbing another pupil with a pencil on his first day at the school and being suspended twice for disruptive behaviour and biting staff.

In a statement today, the Education Ministry's head of sector enablement and support, Katrina Casey, said a school had been directed to enrol the boy.

''Following careful consideration of all aspects of this case, the school, its proximity to the child's home and the support he needs we have decided to direct the school to enrol the child as it offers the best opportunity for him,'' Ms Casey said.


She said it would be ''inappropriate'' to identify the school before staff and the school community have been told.

''We have reiterated our commitment to both the school and the child's mother to help him reintegrate.

''Our specialist staff will work with his family and school to develop a transition plan and we will ensure resources are available to support the plan.''

The boy's mother said she was pleased a decision had been made.