A high-speed car chase through Dunedin suburbs Brockville, Halfway Bush and Kaikorai Valley ended when the vehicle ran over police road spikes in Kaikorai Valley Rd yesterday.

The car, a Nissan Skyline police believed had been travelling as fast as 90km/h, skidded more than 50m and spun before the driver fled on foot, just after 5.30pm.

The driver was quickly caught by police.

Senior Sergeant Craig Brown, of the Police southern district command centre, said the chase began in Brockville.


The driver fled down Dalziel Rd, Mt Grand Rd and Townleys Rd before reaching Kaikorai Valley Rd.

Kaikorai Valley Rd resident Maria Chapman said she was on the deck of her home when the vehicle went past with several police cars following.

"He was speeding and not stopping, and the next minute he hit the spikes and the whole car spun out."

The car travelled some 50m and spun 450 degrees before coming to a stop straddling both lanes of the road.

The driver then fled on foot but was caught by police officers within 100m of the car, Miss Chapman said.

Mr Brown said a 30-year-old man was in police custody last night but was likely to be released on bail.

He will appear in the Dunedin District Court next week charged with reckless driving, failure to stop and driving while disqualified.