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For the police officer who protected a family of ducks on the Southeastern Motorway yesterday morning. Mummy and ducklings were in danger of waddling into traffic and the police officer gently kept them on the shoulder until help arrived. This kindness made my day.

- Kathleen

After reading the item in the Herald about introducing a sugar tax, I think surely the manufacturers are to blame, and therefore they should be paying a sugar tax, not the taxpayers who already have plenty of tax costs. Come on manufacturers, take a sugar pill and reduce sugar in all your products. Life is so sweet.


- Gwen

The Auckland Council are about to stop the shuttle up Mt Eden for the disabled and handicapped after promising when they stopped buses going to the top, there would always be a shuttle. Now only the young tourists can enjoy our best city views.

- Mark Gibson

The other night I renewed my passport online. This was just a standard renewal not an urgent renewal. Took 15 minutes to complete the questions and upload a digital photo before being told to expect the passport to be couriered within 10 days. Complete surprise to receive an email at lunchtime the next day to say passport was on its way. Sure enough, the following morning I had it in my hands. Amazingly efficient service by NZ Passports.

- Brian Quinn

No dog owner prosecuted in the past three years. Really? All dogs are capable of attacking. Large dogs just cause life-long damage. When will dog owners become accountable for being lazy, ignorant or just plain stupid?

- Andre

On St Heliers beach last Thursday the weather was perfect. Went for a swim with a friend and parked my little blue car oblivious to signs. Upon returning to the car I found a parking ticket along with a random donation. I wish to give a big thank you to the donor - bless you.

- Harvey