Some lucky passengers on board the All Blacks plane home have been given the opportunity to get their photo taken with the Rugby World Cup.

Air New Zealand has filmed those on board the All Blacks plane from London holding the Webb Ellis Cup with huge smiles on their faces.

One of the passengers interviewed, who is wearing a Kiwi bird onesie, said the experience was "just fantastic".

The boarding pass for the William Webb Ellis Cup.
The boarding pass for the William Webb Ellis Cup.

She said the Cup was brought down to the passengers to hold and to have a photo opportunity with.


"It was heavier than I thought it would be, but it was very special to hold that knowing that the All Blacks, who had won it on Saturday, had held it as well."

Another passenger, with an American accent, said: "It's a revered trophy that is respected and honoured and to allow 250 passengers on this plane the opportunity to touch it and hold it and appreciate it, was just magical."

An All Blacks fan on board said it was a "bonus" to be on the same flight home as the team.

Another said it was a dream come true.

"I certainly didn't expect to be on this flight with these guys, so I've got a few more hours to soak it up and let it sink in. It's going to be pretty chaotic at Auckland Airport, so yeah, looking forward to that," he said.

The All Blacks are due to arrive in Auckland at about 7am today.

The Air New Zealand supplied video also shows staff members making the most of the opportunity and getting photos taken with the Cup.