A new Upper Hutt bridge will take six months to rebuild after the collapse of the old one left many residents stranded overnight - unable to get in and out of their homes.

The Bridge Rd structure slumped at 11am yesterday after heavy rainfall with one Metservice station recording 141 millitries of rain.

Upper Hutt Mayor Wayne Guppy assured residents and said the new road would be widened today, when he spoke to Newstalk ZB this morning.

"It's not going to be the same but we need to normalise it as much as we can.

The collapse of the bridge left many residents stranded overnight. Photo / Supplied
The collapse of the bridge left many residents stranded overnight. Photo / Supplied

"One of thing about normalising life for people is being able to get in and out of their home when they want to."

The bridge could not be fixed and a new one would be built and would take about five months, Mr Guppy said.

Upper Hutt City Council spokesperson said work was currently being done to create a track for residents to walk and later for vehicle access.

This would begin tomorrow and residents may be able to walk on the track by the end of next week.

The Council advised residents using the track to take extreme caution due to the heavy machinery in operation.

Cars would be able to drive through this track in the next two to three weeks when sealing was complete. However due to the track being narrow, it was only suitable for singe-lane traffic.

Upper Hutt City Council spokeswoman said yesterday an intrepid teams of workers on quad bikes were forcing their way through a slippery track to check on everyone in the street.

Residents Mark and Vicky Disbury who spoke to Newstalk ZB this morning said it took about 20 minutes to walk to their house on the cycle trail, however it wasn't an easy walk.


"It's not a straight flat walk so older people and anyone with a bit of incapacitation wouldn't be able to get out of the track easily," Mr Disbury said.

Both said their night was "completely normal" and are going to work as usual this morning.

Mr Guppy said engineers would assess the bridge today.

He said bridges were regularly inspected there was no concern the bridge would collapse.

"All our bridges and infrastructure are inspected and audited.

"It's not abnormal event but if you get heavy rainfall further that obviously came down with force and the bridge suffered."