People with milk allergies or intolerances have been warned not to drink some imported coconut milk that may contain milk or milk products not declared on the label.

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) said under Australian and New Zealand food legislation, products that contain milk or milk products must declare that on the label.

MPI has issued a statement under the Food Act 2014 warning people with milk allergies or intolerances to avoid the products which are itemised in the statement.

Gary Orr, manager compliance operations, said Food Standards Australia New Zealand has notified MPI that these products have been recalled in Australia.


"There have been two reported cases in Australia of severe allergic (anaphylactic) reactions associated with the consumption of coconut milk drinks. At this time, there have been no reported cases associated with drinking these products in New Zealand.

"There is a possibility some of these products are still on shelves in New Zealand. They are stocked in various retailers such as dairies, ethic food stores and specialist sports stores."

MPI is also working with importers to stop the sale of the products concerned, until they are labelled correctly.

Further test results may result in further warning statements and recalls from MPI.

MPI warns the following products have the presence of milk and milk products without declaring it on the label:

• Greentime brand Coconut Milk Drink, 500ml can, manufactured in Taiwan
• Coco Joy brand Pure Coconut Milk, (Banana, Chocolate, Coffee flavours) 500ml bottle, manufactured in Vietnam
• V Fresh brand Coconut Milk Drink, 240ml can, manufactured in Thailand
• Orthodox Coconut Palm brand, Coconut Palm Coconut Juice, 245ml can, 245ml Tetra-pak, 1000ml (1 litre) Tetra-pak, manufactured in China
• Emma brand Instant Coconut milk powder, 50g plastic foil single serve pack, manufactured in Malaysia
• Yeniu brand Coconut Juice, 1.25kg bottle, manufactured in China