Police are concerned about an increase in "absolutely disgusting" behaviour organised by young people on social media.

A vicious brawl among schoolgirls from Manurewa High School in South Auckland has gone viral, with footage of the scuffle garnering more than one million views online.

The school's principal, Pete Jones, said what happened made him feel sick. Mr Jones said there would be consequences for the pupils involved in the South Auckland brawl, possibly including suspension.

"Once we've worked with police to identify exactly who they are then there's processes within the school, so they'll be referred to the board of trustees. There's a consequence to actions," he said.


"We do everything in our power as a school to make sure our students are safe and where they're meant to be."

Counties Manukau police central area commander Inspector Julia Lynch said the shocking footage is the latest in a string of "absolutely disgusting" such posts on social media.

"It is concerning that these things are happening. We've got young people on social media ... organising crimes, looking at stealing cars, doing ramraids, aggravated robberies and obviously organised fighting as well.

"It's absolutely unacceptable. The behaviour is disgusting and shouldn't happen."

Social media was heightening the risks of such incidents and children as young as 10 had been involved in organising crimes online.

She said police were working hard to identify the youths involved and in this case it was lucky two officers were on the scene quickly.