A drug cocktail of ecstasy and Ritalin - a prescribed medication for ADHD - killed a man who had received a heart transplant just two years earlier, a coroner has found.

Unemployed 35-year-old Wade Tetepourangi Hutcheson was found dead in April 2014, after an overnight drinking and drug-taking binge at a friend's house on Trafalgar St in Dunedin.

Coroner David Crerar released his findings into Mr Hutcheson's death today. He found the combination of excessive alcohol, Ritalin and ecstasy he took caused a fatal "diabetic coma".

Mr Hutcheson previously suffered health problems, including diabetes, and received a heart transplant two years before his death.


He was drinking with friend Daniel Hardie on the night he died. He did not have his insulin bag with him.

The pair snorted Ritalin and ecstasy together before Mr Hutcheson vomited and soiled himself, Mr Crerar found.

Mr Hutcheson was put to bed about 10pm and checked on by Mr Hardie at 1.30am and again at 5am the next morning, who said he was "okay".

The next morning he was found cold and stiff.

Mr Crerar said the cause of his death was a "diabetic coma", meaning he lapsed into unconsciousness and died after drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and taking both Ritalin and ecstasy.

Mr Hutcheson was also not always compliant with his anti-rejection medication and missed medical appointments, Mr Crerar said.

"Wade Hutcheson, in spite of the knowledge that he was suffering from very serious medical conditions ... neglected to observe the need for the necessary self-care and self-medication.

"It reflects no credit on Wade Hutcheson or Daniel Hardie that they behaved in the manner described in the evidence provided for my inquiry."