Could this be the worst Airbnb rental of all time?

Located in Paris, this two bedroom apartment looks like a pretty nice place - except for that toilet in the bedroom. Only a thin fabric curtain separates the loo from the bed . . . and things are a little too close for comfort.

At least you won't have far to walk to perform your morning ablutions.

Adding to the strange layout of the apartment, there's also a shower located in the kitchen. Perhaps it could come in handy for steaming vegetables? Who knows.


It's definitely not the first Airbnb pad to get some attention. An article on Gothamist featured a luxury New York apartment with 22 beds spread across two bedrooms and a hallway.

According to the listing, a typical stay in the cramped space was two to six months. At US$35 ($53) a night, the landlord could be making over US$250,000 a year if rented at full capacity.

However, the landlord was later banned from the site. Airbnb told Valleywag, "this host has been permanently banned from Airbnb and we're constantly working to ensure all our guests have a high-quality experience".

Meanwhile, in the suburbs of Chicago, a man reportedly offered to rent out his "Sweet Tent" - which doesn't really look that sweet - for a mere US$1000 a night. However, he might not have been entirely serious.

If you're itching for more, check out this Tumblr collecting the worst of Airbnb - aptly titled, You're Gonna Die Here. It features such gems as "Spacious Family Van", a creepy Superman who watches you sleep and many more grim rentals.

Launched in 2008, Airbnb is a website that links up potential tenants and landlords with holiday rentals all over the world.

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