• Man shot dead in Auckland's Myers Park named as Slovakian national David Cerven
• Two armed officers fired at him within moments of each other, says well-placed source
• Mr Cerven told police he was armed - today police won't confirm if he actually was
• The 21-year-old was wanted in connection with three armed robberies
• Robber stood there "very calm, it seemed like he had done this before", says victim
• Mr Cerven arrived in New Zealand in March on working holiday visa

Reporting team: Jared Savage, Steve Deane, Corazon Miller, Scott Yeoman, Kirsty Johnston, Mark Longley

The young man fatally shot by police last night was a junior kickboxing champion and worked as an apprentice in Auckland.

A number of YouTube clips show David Cerven fighting in the ring and a Slovakian website talks about his achievements in the sport, including winning amateur competitions across Europe.

David Cerven (right) in a kickboxing bout. Photo / YouTube
David Cerven (right) in a kickboxing bout. Photo / YouTube

The Herald has also learned that 21-year-old has worked as an apprentice for Topline, a roofing and plumbing company based in Mt Eden, since arriving in New Zealand on a working visa in March.

Colleagues declined to comment when approached, even citing their employment contracts.

"Sorry, nothing to say and that's across the board."Cerven was shot dead by police last night in Myers Park and his death is now the subject of three inquiries.

He does not appear to have been competing in kickboxing while in New Zealand.

Kickboxing coaches and competitors spoken to by the Herald said they were unaware of anybody called David Cerven competing in New Zealand recently.

Police at the scene of last nights fatal shooting in Myers park 03 August 2015. Photo / Jason Oxenham
Police at the scene of last nights fatal shooting in Myers park 03 August 2015. Photo / Jason Oxenham

Police search for evidence

Police officers are using metal detectors to search for evidence at the scene of last night's shooting in Myers Park.

David Cerven, 21, was shot dead hours after police issued a media release naming him as a suspect in three armed robberies on the North Shore.

Yellow markers are being laid down at spots where the detectors emit electronic beeps. Those spots are then scoured by specialist search teams.


The main search area is about 10 metres down a hill from where a white tent is standing.
CCTV cameras also cover the area, which is cordoned off to protect the scene.

Police this afternoon said a woman's claim to have seen Mr Cerven in a previous incident earlier this year was "entirely incorrect".

"Police did not have any interactions with Mr Cerven until this last week by way of investigation, telephone contact by him to police and the tragic event that unfolded in Myers Park last night," a spokeswoman said.

The shooting occurred after Mr Cerven called 111 at 7.23pm last night saying he was in Myers Park and was wanted by police.

Police have revealed little about what happened in the moments before Mr Cerven was shot, about 7.30pm, other than to say he told unarmed officers he was armed.

Photo / Bradley Ambrose
Photo / Bradley Ambrose

Those officers retreated and called for back-up. A well-placed source told the Herald two armed officers then approached Mr Cerven, who allegedly continued to approach them, carrying what appeared to be a firearm.

"They were about 10 to 20 metres away from him and right in the line of fire...they have both assessed the situation as an immediate fatal threat and discharged their weapons around the same time."

The entire episode was recorded on CCTV cameras in the park which will be pored over by investigators in three inquiries, by police, the coroner and Independent Police Conduct Authority.

Because of the inquiries, police would not confirm whether Mr Cerven had a gun.

Photo / Jason Oxenham.
Photo / Jason Oxenham.

Mr Cerven entered New Zealand on March 20 on a 12-month working holiday visa, Auckland City District Commander, Superintendent Richard Chambers, told a media briefing this morning.

He is believed to have been living in Australia before coming to New Zealand, a police source said.

He was named as a suspect in two liquor store robberies last week after leaving items at a dairy robbed at knifepoint on Saturday night.

Read: Police hunt armed robbery suspect

North Shore Police are releasing CCTV footage of a frightening aggravated robbery that occurred at a Glenfield liquor store on Wednesday night. It’s the second time in a week that an offender fitting the description has robbed a liquor store in the area and Police want to identify and apprehend him as soon as possible. Anyone with information should call the North Shore CIB on 09 477 5261. Information can also be given to the organisation Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Source: NZ Police

One was at the Harbour City liquor store in Glenfield.

Duty manager Jung Kun Ahn said the robber appeared calm as he demanded cash.
"He just stand there, very calm, it seemed like he had done this before."

Mr Kun Ahn said the robber, who appeared to speak with a "Russian" accent, threatened to kill him if he left the store for help in the next two minutes.

Photo / Jason Oxenham.
Photo / Jason Oxenham.
Photo / Jason Oxenham
Photo / Jason Oxenham
Photo / Jason Oxenham.
Photo / Jason Oxenham.

Deborah Wang, owner of the other liquor store Mr Cerven is believed to have robbed, Thirsty Liquor, on the corner of Chivalry Rd and Diana Drive, said it was a "bad night".

"I was not scared...I was thinking he just wants money, I'll just give it to him, he shouldn't hurt me."

Police briefing media this morning. Photo / Mark Longley
Police briefing media this morning. Photo / Mark Longley
The scene of a fatal shooting by police. Photo / supplied
The scene of a fatal shooting by police. Photo / supplied

Peter Kiely, the honorary Slovakian consul in Auckland, said Mr Cerven was one of about 100 young Slovaks in New Zealand on a one-year working holiday visa. Mr Kiely did not know where Mr Cerven had been working or where he had been living.

"I hadn't met him and he hadn't had any contact with the consulate. We only have contact with them if there is a problem. In the 20 years I have been consul I haven't had an incident like this before."

Witnesses said they heard numerous gunshots last night and saw what appeared to be a body covered by a white sheet.

Lauren Winthrop, 19, who lives in a Queen St apartment opposite the park, told the Herald she was watching television with her sister when they heard up to five "really loud gunshots".

"We looked outside and saw lots of police cars rushing to the scene."
The women went outside and saw police walking through the park flashing torches around.

At one stage they saw a white sheet on the ground that looked like it was covering a body. A police officer was standing nearby.

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