Plunket is looking for input from New Zealand's third largest ethnic group to provide better services to Asian families.

The number of Asian newborn babies enrolled with Plunket nearly doubled between 2006 and 2012, and now the organisation is launching a plan to determine how it could better meet Asian families' needs.

The draft Asian People's Strategy was launched today, and Plunket's chief executive Jenny Prince is looking for feedback."The strategy will bring a new focus and coordination to our efforts to ensure our services are accessible and culturally relevant to Asian families," Ms Prince said.

"It is part of Plunket's approach to continually respond to the changing needs of families, and ensure parents know we are here to support them to improve their children's health outcomes."


The strategy includes a plan for more parenting resources in Asian languages and improving cultural competence and language skills of staff.

It has been developed by Vivian Cheung, who was appointed as Plunket's national advisor for Asian peoples in April 2014.

"The strategy will help us support Asian parents who may experience different challenges raising their children in New Zealand, within the context of their cultural background," Ms Cheung said.

"Some parenting practices in New Zealand are not as common to some Asian cultures traditionally, and we want staff to be aware of these differences, and adapt to them."

Ms Cheung said the strategy has a focus on building stronger relationships with Asian community groups, and ensuring Asian families know about and use Plunket's services.

"We've seen a growth in the number of Asian families using our services in the last few years, however the research found that there are still many who are unaware of Plunket or our services."

Around 15 per cent of newborn babies enrolled with Plunket are of Asian ethnicity/descent, including Chinese, Indian, Korean, Filipino, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Sri Lankan, Japanese, Afghani.

Plunket is inviting the Asian community to give feedback on its draft plan. Over the coming three months Ms Cheung will meet with Asian community groups directly to get their feedback, and consult with Asian families through the Plunket national network.

People with ideas of how Plunket can better support their community can email by October 31.