Two thirds of respondents to an online NZ Herald poll have backed the controversial Cosmopolitan Club that is preventing turbaned Sikhs from entering due to a ban on hats and headgear.

Reader 'Graham' said there was a double standard with many NZ immigrants who did not accept local culture and beliefs, but wanted New Zealanders to respect theirs.

"Move to their country and see what happens when you try to circumvent their archaic rules/practices/beliefs," wrote Graham.

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Sikh barred from Cossie Club over turban


'Chris' backed that view by saying, "We would have to cover up in a Muslim or any other religious country, so they should abide by rules in Western countries."

A minority in the survey thought the practice was discriminatory.

Reader Don Ruffles wrote "I suggest that adherents of the rules consult the Oxford Dictionary and read the meaning of Cosmopolitan, which says, 'Indifference to constitutions and religions,' and apply it to the Club of that name."

According to the Manurewa club's manger, Patricia Rangi, it is their policy to ban entry to all people wearing headgear, including those wearing it for religious reasons.