A man has been charged in relation to a record haul of stolen property that included scaffolding, dishwashers, fireworks and a 30,000-litre water tank.

The arrested 43-year-old man was from Dairy Flat in north Auckland, where the haul was discovered. He has been charged with 32 counts of receiving stolen property.

The total value of the stolen goods he was alleged to have received was estimated to be $178,319.

The stash included a wide range of items, some mundane and others more out there.


A boat on a trailer, stolen from Huntly, 120km away, was found with motorcycles and quad bikes.

A variety of homeware, including ovens, vanity units, hot-water cylinders and fridge freezers were also found.

There was also dozens of bags of cement, fireworks, power tools and a 30,000-litre water tank that was stolen from rural Waitoki, west of Dairy Flat.

The items were stored in a dozen shipping containers, two horse floats and several outsheds on the property.

The man has been remanded in custody and will reappear in the North Shore District Court on Wednesday, 1 July.

The total value of the stolen goods was estimated to be $178,319. Photo / Supplied
The total value of the stolen goods was estimated to be $178,319. Photo / Supplied

"The task of identifying who all the stolen property belongs to has been huge, but at the same time very rewarding," said Sergeant Greg Foster of Operation Tank.

He said police had managed to reunite about 80 per cent of the property with its rightful owners.

"This has really highlighted the need for people to take note of things such as serial numbers, or to mark property in a way that you can remember, so that when we get a find like this, we can get the goods back to their owners and at the same time, prove that they are in fact stolen."


The investigation was ongoing and as more stolen property was identified the man was expected to face further charges, police said. More arrests were likely.

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