Wellington's famous Bucket Fountain will soon look almost as colourful by night as it does by day thanks to a street light upgrade in Cuba Mall.

The fountain had been removed for maintenance and while it was gone, new poles and LED street lights were being installed that would have multiple benefits, the Council's Transport and Urban Development Committee chairman Andy Foster said.

"The new lights will be much better than the existing ones, which produce a yellowish glow, because they will illuminate the whole area, eliminating dark spots and making the area safer."

There were two CCTV cameras in the area and the new lights would make monitoring those easier and footage from them clearer, Mr Foster.


"The lights reduce demand on the network and the risk of outages," he says. "And with no moving parts, they are also more resilient to wind and weather."

The work was due to start today and was expected to be complete by mid-July.