A boy hit by a car in Rotorua is in a stable condition.

A 10-year-old boy suffered critical injuries yesterday after being hit by a car on Fairy Springs Rd.

The incident happened around 2.40pm near the Kawaha Point Rd intersection.

Rotorua officer in charge of road policing, Senior Sergeant Nicky Riordan said the boy was hit by a southbound vehicle.


He was taken to Rotorua Hospital before being transferred to Auckland.

"He received critical injuries but is currently in a stable condition in Starship Hospital," she said.

"We have spoken with the driver but at the moment we are seeking witnesses for further information."

Mrs Riordan said the investigation was continuing.

"The basic safety message is the need to take care on the road. Make sure to look both ways before crossing and if there is a pedestrian crossing or crossing at lights then to use that."

Witnesses told the Rotorua Daily Post yesterday the boy was running across the road when he was hit in the face by the car's wing mirror.

He landed on the median in the middle of the road, they said.

A friend of the victim said they were heading for a swim at Kawaha Point when a group of them ran across the road.


"We were walking and we just ran to cross the road, we just ran down the middle and he was behind us and he was running, I don't think he saw the car. I just heard a smash and I ran to him and his face just got hit by the rear view mirror."

A road closure was in place while emergency services work and enable police to complete an investigation.