Peeved passengers were still grounded 22 hours after Jetstar's big computer breakdown.

The budget airline says operations have returned to normal after an IT outage caused serious delays yesterday.

But Sydney-bound passenger Billy says he's been delayed for 22 hours, with his flight re-booked four times.

"This 88-year-old lady has literally been stuffed around the entire night.


"She's only had three hours of sleep."

Billy says he was even re-booked on a non-existent flight this morning.

"We went in to check-in again, and they said the flight doesn't exist. They said it was yesterday.

"So then we had to go and re-book."

He says the communication between head office and airport staff was very poor.

"You could literally hear over the phone, talking to her.

"We saw the look on this poor girl's face."

Billy says Jetstar have moved him to a Qantas flight, which he hopes takes off on time at 12.30.